Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gone for a critique

I've posted my ms off to Cornerstones for a 'general report', and made a good start on the art work. Not specific illustrations yet, but just getting faces right on new characters.

Sales of my books are still plodding along, and I've got a stall booked to do a book signing at the Merchant Adventurers Hall in York on 18th April, as part of the 'More than a Mum' event.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

World Book Day

To cellebrate World Book Day, I resisted the temptation to use it as an excuse to sit down and read a book (though I'm sure I'll fit that in before the end of the day), and used the day to do something possitive towards getting my next book published. To that end, it's now ready to go for a critique, and I've sent an email to Cornerstones, as they helped me so much with Doodle Mayhem.

Next I'll get started on the illustrations...