Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year Detox with a difference...

So, I'm on a New Year Knitting Detox - not your average detox I'll admit, but then who wants to follow the crowd anyway...?

And why does a writer need a knitting detox in January...?

Well if you've been following my posts or if you've met me at a craft fair this Christmas, you'll know about my little flock of knitted sheep and my gathering of Basil's... what's a Basil? Well if you don't know then you really haven't been paying attention then have you...?

Emergency knitting - knitting sheep, production-line style proved to be the quickest, but I'd still rather knit each sheep and finish it before starting the next.

The ginger wool crisis - a lack of ginger wool, finally put a halt to Basil production, causing a shortage of Basils by the end of the season.

Then came the lavender cats, these were a very limited edition, and made as gifts, though I might make a few more to sell if there proves to be a demand for them... what do you think... knitted on request - interested anyone?

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