Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Judging a book by its cover... we all do it

I was in a bookshop last week, yes a real bricks and mortar bookshop.

I got a book token for Christmas - which took me back to childhood, as I always used to get book tokens for birthdays and Christmas.

I went in with an idea of one book I wanted, and decided to choose another on impulse, and that was when it occured to me that as I was browsing, I was judging books by their covers... and what else are buyers supposed to do when looking for inspiration for something different to read?

It's not practical to expect people in a bookshop to read every blurb in the shop, and we don't all want to simply go to our favourite author every time, or even the same genre - sometimes it's good to try something completely different.

Well the natural thing to do is to look around and see if a cover catches your eye, read the title, read lots of titles, and when one intrigues you enough, pick it up and read the blurb, maybe even read a page or two, and by then you'll have a pretty good idea of whether you want to live in that book for a while... 

    But I'm Not Sleepy - still my bestseller - This book is constantly judged by its cover and title - it seems to strike a chord with many people...

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