Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Feeding the monsters in the kitchen... or just letting an imagination run wild...?

Write about what you know - well I know that there's something in the corner that has developed an attitude and is making some very strange noises - what sort of monster can it be - there I go, writing about  monsters again when I know people are too scared to buy the stories... First it was the monster under the bed, and now it's the monster in the corner of the kitchen.

The monster in the corner of the kitchen has an actual physical presence, it's of an era when it was decided that such appliances should have intelligence... it didn't need intelligence, it just needed to do as it was told, and now it's having some sort of brain storm. It's got more water in it than usual, and it's making some funky noises,as if it's trying to digest the clothes that it's meant  to be washing... if it ever gets to the spin cycle it may well set off across the floor and attack the tumble drier, or maybe join forces with it. The drier chews things and the washer sounds like it's digesting them... maybe I should stop feeding these monsters... or maybe... I should get some work done and stop letting my imagination run away with itself - but where's the fun in that?

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