Monday, December 01, 2014

Lost in a Book at Christmas fairs

I had a lovely weekend at a Christmas fair in Haxby - everyone had turned out to socialise and do their Christmas shopping from local artists and crafters - I even came home with a tiny growing Christmas tree, which has taken up residence on my kitchen shelf to await some deccies...

So while everyone else is having a manic Monday, I'm having quite a chilled out one, plodding through the things that need to be done, before launching into preparations for my final weekend of Christmas fairs, in the Tithe Barn at Poppleton and Yorkshre Heart Vineyard.

There's some emergency knitting to be done as all my sheep and Basil's have gone to new homes - and if I have time I'll get another Christmas busy book made... and somewhere along the way I have Christmas cakes to make, and Christmas shopping to do...  arghh

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